Passion Performance Pride

Culture and values

At Pandora, we come from many different worlds, backgrounds and vantage points. What binds us together are our three core values: pride, passion and performance.


At Pandora, we are more than just a global team of colleagues. We see ourselves as a pride – a close-knit group of individuals working together

What defines the Pandora pride?
Each person is important, and no one is more important than the team.
We have mutual trust, help each other and follow through on our promises.
We listen and communicate effectively with respect for diverse views and experiences.
We are curious to experiment and share our knowledge to develop the team.
We are a team across the globe and business functions. 

Our symbol of pride: the lion

A lion pride is made of strong individuals. Each of them is important, but none more important than the group and it is when they work as a team that they are most successful. Lions focus on a common goal, then work together to reach it. Lion prides are formed to succeed. Lions rely on each other. Though often not related, lions in a pride function as one big family. They help each other and stand together to protect their turf and raise their cubs. Their instinct to form a pride and work together is key to their survival and success. 

Working as one united pride has true value. It is together as a pride that they work best. It is no wonder, then, that we at Pandora feel a strong connection to this unique, powerful, interdependent group.


At Pandora, passion shapes the way we work each day. We put our hearts into every new adventure before us. 

What passion means at Pandora:

We care for and respect our surroundings, colleagues, partners, customers and the world we live in.
We see beyond our own tasks and responsibilities, we understand the bigger picture.
We make time to have fun and celebrate our achievements.
We are proud of our heritage and passionate about future possibilities.
We thrive on creativity, innovation and curiosity to improve.


Our symbol of passion: the giraffe

The tallest land mammal wanders majestically across the savannah with a bird’s eye view – and its feet firmly planted on the ground. Tall enough to perceive both the threats and opportunities that lie ahead, the giraffe sees the bigger picture. A lesser-known fact about the giraffe is that it has an immense heart. A fine-tuned and powerful organ that enables the unique creature to survive and overcome everyday challenges. The giraffe is also very protective of its young, putting all its love, passion and strength into protecting its family. 

While different from any other creature on the planet, the distinctive giraffe uses its uniqueness to its advantage. It is true to itself. Genuine. Confident. And above all, wholehearted in everything it does. We like to think we have much in common with this passionate, one-of-a-kind animal who sees the world a bit differently from anyone else.



Pandora performance stems from the can-do attitude of every Pandora employee. We love what we do, and with our energy and drive we consistently challenge norms and reach seemingly impossible heights.

What defines Pandora performance

We deliver high quality performance and accept responsibility.
We work with dedication and have a positive can-do attitude.
We are agile, strive for simplicity and embrace challenges.
When problems arise, we resolve it, move on swiftly and learn from our mistakes.
We benefit from owning the full value chain and continue to improve the effectiveness of all stages.

Our symbol of performance: the bumble bee:

It’s the bee that stands out from the all other bees. A truly unique creature, the bumblebee may seem small – but seems to thrive on exceeding expectations. Some say that its flight defies the laws of aerodynamics: the way the bumblebee is built, it should be incapable of flight. It simply does not have the capacity in terms of wing size and beats per second.

But these equations do not affect the bumblebee’s thoughts. It’s not one to give up. It’s instilled with firm determination to do excellent work, and with great energy, it performs what should be impossible. It isn’t held back by what some say can’t be done. It thrives on the challenge. And it succeeds in delivering an incredible performance every time. 

The bumblebee in an inspiration that reminds us each day that whatever challenges lay ahead, our relentless efforts and deep-seated belief in our vision will allow us to reach our destination.





Director, production, Thailand

“With Pandora Pride, Passion and Performance, there is nothing impossible when we work together. At Pandora, we are a family. We care for our people and we help one another."